How to Unlock All Operators in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduced fans to a memorable cast of agents during its campaign. The appearances of story characters, along with those of several equally distinctive combatants, may be acquired as Operators by players who meet specific conditions. The unlocked appearances can then be deployed in Cold War or Warzone matches with other players. This article will teach you how to gain access to all available Cold War Operators in Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies modes.

How Do Operators Work?

Unlike heroes in some other shooters, Call of Duty Cold War Operators are merely cosmetic. Playing as one such character or another has no effect on the gameplay. That does not make them worthless, since they help add a personal touch to player avatars. In addition to their base appearances, Operators can receive a dazzling variety of character-exclusive alternative skins that may be purchased from the official item store. They also come with unique spoken lines. Although the Operators are divided between NATO and Warsaw Pact, the same player can use characters from either faction in any of the game modes without restrictions.

What Operators Can You Unlock?

Since the release of Cold War new Operators have been added with every season, or so it was until Call of Duty: Vanguard became the latest title in the series. Vanguard Season Three bumped up the total number of Operators in the older shooter to 37 with the addition of Lazar. Those seasonal additions can be acquired by either purchasing the Battle Pass or buying their bundles from the store. Sadly, both options are only available for a limited period, and older Operators have yet to be reissued. For example, Cold War Zombies Operators like Maxis could be purchased as part of a special bundle for a few months in 2021, but has since disappeared from the site.


That leaves the thirteen Operators that formed the shooter’s initial roster. Four of them are unlocked from the start. Players can unlock nine others by completing their individual in-game challenges. Alternatively, those Operators may also be acquired by purchasing skin bundles from the store. However, such a purchase would not unlock their default appearance and may be less satisfying than earning them the hard way. The characters and their challenges are as follows:

  • Adler: Use Scorestreak rewards to commit ten eliminations in Multiplayer matches;
  • Baker: Use a sniper rifle to commit a hundred eliminations in Multiplayer matches;
  • Beck: Use a Pack-a-Punch-modified weapon to slaughter two hundred zombies in Zombies mode;
  • Garcia: Blow up or help your team blow up five Dirty Bombs in the Fireteam Multiplayer mode;
  • Park: Complete three successful exfiltrations in Zombies mode;
  • Portnova: Take down fifty enemies that have been detected through the use of Field Upgrades or Scorestreak rewards in Multiplayer matches;
  • Sims: Take out ten hostile vehicles or Scorestreak rewards in Multiplayer matches;
  • Stone: Take down fourteen hostiles with Finishing Moves in Multiplayer matches;
  • Woods: Carry out ten eliminations in one life on fifteen occasions in Multiplayer matches.


Completing the Operator Challenges

The Operator challenges vary wildly in difficulty. For example, Adler and Park may be comparatively simple to unlock, as they just require the basic mastery of their respective modes’ mechanics. They could be unlocked just by playing normally, without any special effort. That said, there are ways to speed up progress even for them. The likes of Garcia or Stone are much more demanding, requiring the mastery of specific tactics that are not necessarily intuitive or easy to pull off. Here is how to unlock all Operators in Cold War that can be obtained through challenges:

  • Adler: Simply use weapons or vehicles obtained through Scorestreaks to attain the objective. The Combat Bow or RC-XD are the cheapest options, but can be tricky to use right. The bow is difficult to aim, while the mobile explosive can blow up on its own, so careful planning is required to use them efficiently. If they are not getting the job done, save up the score until you get the Attack Helicopter, which is virtually guaranteed to get some kills on its own. As with most of those challenges, the kills can be collected over multiple games or in one go;
  • Baker: Learn to use sniper rifles well by adapting optimal tactics and loadouts. Aiming down sights quickly is crucial, so make sure to practice it and utilize attachments that improve ADS speed. Larger maps are obviously ideal in this case, as they provide plenty of good sniping positions. Remember to move between them, as enemies are likely to reposition after the first kill. Try playing in Hardcore mode, which raises damage and makes one-hit kills much easier to score. On the other hand, assists still count towards eliminations, so having teammates finish off enemies would work as well if they do so without delays;
  • Beck: See to it that you are properly equipped before activating the Pack-A-Punch machine. You would need to fight your way to it and earn 5,000 points before you can use it. For best results, the upgrade should be used on a relatively fast-shooting and short-range weapon, most likely one of the shotguns. Afterwards, it is just a matter of gunning down as many zombies as possible during the match, though this will probably take several attempts;
  • Garcia: Make sure you have a reliable and coordinated team that can stay focused on the objective, as teamwork makes all the difference in this mode. The most efficient approach is to split up to gather the uranium, then converge on the bomb to secure it once you are ready to set it off. Even when separated, though, you should make sure to stay close enough to intervene if your allies get cornered. Avoid unnecessary battles with well-entrenched opponents, but be ready to pick off and loot any stragglers;
  • Park: Prepare to escape on Round 10, when the option to exfiltrate first becomes available. Scout out the most plausible escape routes and prepare the best equipment for the push. Explosives would be especially useful for clearing the path quickly. With enough of those, you might be able to finish the objective solo. However, a competent squad would make it easier, so long as everyone is on the same page about the exfiltration;
  • Portnova: Get the Field Mic Field Upgrade as early as possible. Place it in difficult-to-reach spots near strategic locations where plenty of combatants can be expected to pass through. When you earn enough score, pick the Spy Plane reward, as it has good odds of finding more unlucky combatants. This will maximize the eligible targets, meaning that all you will need to do is kill them at first opportunity. Medium- to long-range weapons with a decent firing rate would be ideal for this purpose;
  • Sims: Get the Engineer Perk that lets you detect vehicles and start hunting. While there are multiple means of destroying vehicles, including cruise missiles and proximity mines, launchers are the most reliable. Cigma 2 in particular locks on to its targets, all but ensuring their destruction. Spy planes are the easiest prey for the vehicle hunter, since they are both commonplace and fairly fragile;
  • Stone: Getting into melee range is both difficult and dangerous, so stealth is really the only way to go without relying on blind luck. Equip the Ninja Perk to quickly and quietly sneak up on your victims. Strike as fast possible, then fall back to minimize the exposure from the long animation. If all goes well, the victims will be unaware of you until it is too late, and thus unable to either retreat or shoot back. Smaller maps with compact environments would work well for this approach, presenting plenty of opportunities for ambushes. Free-For-All could make things easier, too, since the chaos would keep other players distracted and unwilling to help each other;
  • Woods: Play in larger game modes like Team Deathmatch or Combined Arms to ensure that there will be plenty of targets moving around in groups. Use RC-XD, Proximity Mines and various other forms of explosives to initiate fights. With luck, it will kill some hostiles immediately and weaken the others for you to finish off.

There is a known issue in which progress made towards any of those objectives sometimes gets ignored if the player leaves the match before it is over. That is one more reason to concentrate on quicker-paced game modes such as Domination, Free-For-All, and Hardpoint whenever applicable. Not only do they end faster, but there will also be less downtime during the matches themselves. Thanks to smaller maps and objectives that reward risk, opponents are bound to run into each other more often. Skilled players will be able to turn this situation to their advantage by quickly collecting the necessary eliminations for their goals.

How Can Rocketboost Help You?

Operators may be just for looks, but the matches would feel much more boring without them. They add a lot of flavor to the experience. Completing their challenges can definitely be gratifying, but many of them do require a considerable level of skill and focus. Cold War Coaching could help if you are determined to do it yourself, but are having some problems. On the other hand, if you would rather unlock the Operators quickly and without wasting energy on the tests, Rocketboost’s Call of Duty Boosting Service is just the thing. Our professional boosters can swiftly take care of this and any other obstacles to our customers’ full enjoyment of the shooter, so do not hesitate to reach out and place an order!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Operators are there in Cold War right now?

The Call of Duty Operators Cold War roster has expanded to 37 with the recent addition of the Lazar bundle. It is hard to say whether more characters will be released in the future, since the developers are shifting focus towards the series’ latest title.

How do I unlock every Cold War Operator?

Operators can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges, purchasing the latest Battle Pass, or buying cosmetic bundles or individual skins through the official store with real money. The Operators from earlier bundles or Battle Passes are no longer available, though they may be reissued later.

Where can I choose my Operator?

In the Cold War Multiplayer or Zombies menu, open the Operators sub-menu. There, select the Operator’s faction and click on the specific Operator you have in mind. Warzone just has an Operators sub-menu accessible from the main menu.

Is there any gameplay advantage to playing as a particular Operator?

Operators are meant to be appearance options only, without any influence on the gameplay. Despite this, there have been several controversies about certain skins giving their users an unfair advantage, typically due to being harder to see. However, the developers have been quick to correct this unintended effect.

Is it possible to use Cold War Operators in Modern Warfare?

Despite rumors to the contrary, no one has learned how to use Cold War Operators in Modern Warfare. The integration between the titles does not extend to cosmetics. However, Operators from both games and Vanguard can be deployed in Warzone.


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