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Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Carry & Boost

Buy Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe Abyss Dungeon carry in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Carry & Boost

Abyss Dungeons are among the most important instances that players will encounter in Lost Ark’s endgame. Clearing them allows heroes to claim a variety of rewards. Most notably, those instances are the main source for higher-rarity equipment that players need to progress to higher endgame tiers. They are also a source for valuable materials and currencies. Farming Abyss Dungeons is therefore essential for character advancement. However, they are rather more complex than Chaos Dungeons, requiring players to work together to overcome several challenging bosses with tricky tactics. While players can attempt to defeat a boss as many times as necessary, too many attempts can become frustrating.

Buy the Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons Boost from Rocketboost to recruit the assistance of our professional boosters. Our team can resolve encounters quickly and efficiently thanks to advanced tactics and knowledge of the instance. They can also support customers in selfplay boosts.

How Our Abyss Dungeon Boosting Service Works

To purchase Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon boosting services from Rocketboost, follow those steps:

  • Make sure your hero meets our service requirements. Otherwise, a different boost may help you prepare;
  • Choose the instance that will be the target of the boost. Keep in mind that instances have their individual Gear Score requirements;
  • Select any other desired options and add the boost to the shopping cart, then proceed to checkout;
  • Provide your contact details and preferences;
  • Send the payment via any of our suggested methods;
  • Once our support team contacts you, discuss the boosting schedule and any additional requests that you may have;
  • In a piloted boost, allow our booster to play your character as scheduled and wait until the boost is concluded. You could follow the boost through regular progress updates and/or optional streaming;
  • In a selfplay boost, join our party in-game as arranged with the staff and start running the instance;
  • Leave a review to help us improve this and other Lost Ark boosting services on our website.

Rocketboost provides a wide array of other Lost Ark boosts that customers may find interesting. Our boosters can quickly improve client loadouts until they reach the desired Gear Score, improving their combat performance and granting access to advanced content. We can also complete Towers or farm Chaos Dungeons or the newest Raids to claim still more prizes. Custom boosts to help with other types of content are possible as well. With our help, customers can progress through the MMORPG much more efficiently while avoiding the parts they find frustrating or tedious.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Customers looking for help with Abyss Dungeons are understandably concerned about finding trustworthy boosting service companies. There have been many boosting scams targeting the Lost Ark player base, and even legitimate boost providers are often dogged by issues like flawed security or long completion times. That is especially troublesome for people seeking piloted boosts, which require trusting strangers with their accounts. At Rocketboost, we offer fast, effective boosting services that buyers can rely on. Our proposition is based on the following key strengths:

  • Manual boosting. Each service is completed manually by Rocketboost’s pro boosters. We never rely on third-party programs or services. That lets us control the quality of our boosting while also minimizing the risks of client accounts becoming compromised or banned;
  • Trusted team. All of our Lost Ark boosters pass through extensive tests and background checks before being added to the team. To further ensure that their performance meets our standards, we listen to customer complaints and have a dispute resolution mechanism in place;
  • Qualified specialists. Our deep bench allows us to assign the most suitable players to each boost. In case of Abyss Dungeons, that means we prioritize familiarity with those instances and the optimal tactics for each encounter. Additionally, we seek to match client characters with boosters who have the best performance with their classes in piloted boosts. By assigning specialized boosters, we can ensure the fastest, smoothest possible outcomes;
  • Flexible services. We try to satisfy our customers’ needs as precisely as possible and let them tailor this boost to their needs. Services are available for each Abyss Dungeon in the Western version of the game. By default, buyers receive piloted boosts in which our boosters control their characters, allowing them to farm the content for prizes with utmost efficiency. Yet players who would rather play those activities themselves can receive selfplay boosts in which they get backup from boosters. Even if an option is not offered on the page, potential clients can ask our staff to add special requests or arrange a custom boost. We do our best to accommodate all viable requests;
  • 24/7 customer service. Current or potential customers can contact our support team at any time and expect a prompt reply. Support specialists can answer questions regarding ongoing boosts or consult clients regarding any of our Lost Ark boosting services. The support team may be reached over several platforms, including the live chat on this website as well as Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp;
  • Strong security. We use up-to-date SSL encryption to protect customer data and privacy. When buying a boost, a client only needs to share the minimal information necessary for the service to take place (log-in details for piloted boosts). Only the booster directly involved in the services receives access to this information. To further assure confidentiality, our boosters do not contact customers’ friends or advertise their services in-game. Boosting is done with VPNs set to the client’s location;
  • Reasonable prices. The price of each boost reflects its difficulty and the necessary investment of hours and effort from our boosters. If the activity becomes easier with patches or simpler ways to complete it are found, the prices may change. Apart from that consideration, we offer competitive prices that ordinary gamers could afford. Customers can save money by using our regular discounts or registering for a one-time discount and further special offers;
  • Guaranteed refunds. If the boost fails to get off the ground, we will refund its cost in full. Even if a service begins, problems that prevent it from being completed to our clients’ satisfaction may result in partial refunds or alternative compensation.

What Buyers Will Get

Those who purchase a Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon boost from Rocketboost can expect the following benefits:

  • Completion of the selected Abyss Dungeon;
  • Equipment from Epic or Legendary sets;
  • Accessories with Engravings;
  • Honing materials used to increase Gear Scores;
  • Abyss Dungeon currencies;
  • Engravings and Ability Stones that improve a hero’s class powers in different ways;
  • Card Packs containing items that provide bonuses for all characters in a roster;
  • Silver, Gold, and Combat XP;
  • Same-day delivery.

Specific rewards depend on the instance and its Tier. Each dungeon offers its own equipment and accessories, while other rewards are more generic. Since the items acquired from Abyss Dungeons have higher rarity than the ones used up to that point, collecting them is crucial for efficient gear progression. So is collecting honing materials for subsequent upgrades. Trading with other players in Lost Ark requires Gold, and those instances are some of the most accessible sources for this currency. Note that Abyss Dungeons can only be farmed weekly, so while ordering several runs may make sense, completing them would take longer than with more frequently farmable activities.

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