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Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost

Buy Lost Ark Shadespire Tower on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe Shadespire Tower carry in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost

Running the Shadespire Tower is a key single-player activity in Lost Ark. It counts among the earliest endgame activities that become available to players after they reach level 50. The Shadespire Tower consists of 50 levels, each with its own unique challenge and prizes. Clearing a floor for the first time per roster allows players to claim consumables that enhance hero power. Other heroes belonging to the same user will earn valuable crafting materials upon clearing the same floors instead. Either way, this content is crucial for progression, but it can also get frustrating and time-consuming. Buy the Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost from Rocketboost to receive the full spoils quickly and without unwanted effort.

How Our Shadespire Tower Boosting Service Works

To purchase a Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost from Rocketboost, follow those steps:

  • Check whether your character meets the boost requirements. Bear in mind that each floor has its own Gear Score prerequisites. Our other services can help prepare for this boost if necessary;
  • Choose the intended amount of floors to be cleared and other options, then add the service to your cart;
  • While in checkout, provide contact details and preferences, and pay for the boost with any of the payment methods listed there;
  • Wait for our support team to contact you and work out the details such as the schedule, hero or heroes meant to benefit from the boost, and special requests;
  • Allow our booster to play from your account during the scheduled intervals and wait for the service to be completed;
  • Follow the progress with regular status updates and/or optional streaming;
  • Leave feedback to help Rocketboost improve this and other Lost Ark services.

Customers may also be interested in our other Lost Ark services. Our Gear Score boost would be just the thing to get a hero ready for the Shadespire Tower, as well as other endgame content. We also offer carries for Fatespire Tower, a similar collection of single-player challenges encountered later in the progression. There is also a suite of boost offers for multiple sorts of dungeons and raids, enabling players to harvest the materials necessary for rapid advancement in all progression systems this game has to offer. With our help, customers can sidestep the tedious parts of Lost Ark and focus on the Korean MMORPG’s strong points, such as dynamic combat and spectacular class powers.

Why Buy A Shadespire Tower Boost?

In Lost Ark, leveling to 50 is only the beginning. The game really opens up after a character crosses this threshold, with more areas and exciting activities becoming available. However, the progression past this stage becomes much more complex. Many activities come with Gear Score prerequisites, meaning that characters will need to acquire, create, or upgrade items. They also become progressively tougher, so heroes have to increase their power in different ways to proceed. Leveling up becomes incredibly difficult at this point, but there are consumables that can increase character power in other ways.

Shadespire Tower offers vital assistance early in this stage. Its loot can include either power-up items or crafting materials in large quantities. The first character in a roster (group of characters belonging to the same player on the same server) can claim the former. Subsequent runs in the same roster get the latter. It also has comparatively lenient prerequisites. The Gear Score needed to access it ranges from 302 for the first floor to 540 in the last. Being single-player content also makes it more accessible, as there is no need to find allies for a run. Each challenge can be resolved through effective character builds and individual player skills, rather than requiring teamwork.

Progress through the Shadespire Tower can be difficult, however. Each of its fifty floors calls for the hero to complete an objective within a time limit. The scenarios range from simply killing monsters to interacting with an object on the far side of the room. Some of them are much harder than the others. Many of the enemies encountered have very tricky mechanics that favor certain tactics or builds. Deploying powers and items correctly is critical to success. Conversely, it is very easy to mess up and lose on certain floors if they are poorly suited to one’s skills. Even the simpler floors can prove tedious and grueling.

Purchasing professional Lost Ark Shadespire Tower boosts presents an obvious solution for those problems. A booster can lead the player’s character through any and all floors. By playing full-time, boosters can make much quicker progress than more casual players. Experienced boosters would also be able to deploy optimal tactics for each encounter, enabling more efficient and speedy completion. Their clients could just relax and collect the invaluable rewards without any hassle once the service is done. That would leave them in an excellent position to take on a wide range of early endgame content.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Because it focuses on a single-player experience, the Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost can only be performed through piloted boosting. In other words, a booster will play from the customer’s account. This approach can be risky if buyers use an unreliable service provider. Unfortunately, the Lost Ark community has often been targeted by scammers. Even actual boosting services may have serious problems, including flawed security or poor delivery times. At Rocketboost, we seek to provide a better type of Shadespire Tower boost based on the following advantages:

  • 100% manual boosting. Every boost is performed manually by Rocketboost employees. We never use hacks, bots, cheats, or third-party services. That allows us to minimize the risks of client accounts being compromised or banned, while also assuring service quality;
  • Trustworthy boosters. Our Lost Ark boosting team consists of veteran players who have passed through an extensive and scrupulous vetting process. This process allows us to vouch for their competence and professional ethics. To further reinforce this promise, we are open to complaints and prepared to resolve any disputes between customers and boosters;
  • Qualified specialists. We have assembled a deep bench of Lost Ark boosting talent. This allows us to assign boosters based on their specializations. Each Tower boost is handled by Rocketboost’s best solo play experts. Those players have acquired a thorough familiarity with this content. Customer character class is taken into account as well, since Lost Ark classes have varied playstyles and may require different specialists for best performance. Through this approach, we ensure the fastest, smoothest possible clears of all floors;
  • Modular service. It is our goal to provide services that satisfy our clients’ needs as precisely as possible. Customers can choose how many floors they require help with, potentially opting for a full clear or a quicker, cheaper service for a part of the content that they struggle with specifically. They can also pay more for expedited service. We are open to additional requests and always seek to accommodate our clients with regard to scheduling;
  • 24/7 customer service. Our support staff is always prepared to field customer inquiries. Clients may reach out to them over the live chat on the website or a chat program chosen from a list including Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp. Team members can answer questions regarding ongoing orders and provide consultations about any of Rocketboost’s Lost Ark carries;
  • Effective security. Customer identities and accounts are protected with cutting-edge SSL encryption on our website. Boosts are done secretly with the help of VPNs. Boosters are instructed to avoid communicating with other players in the game. When ordering a Shadespire Tower boost, a client only needs to share minimal log-in details for their account. Only the employees directly involved in their service would have access to this information; 
  • Reasonable prices. We base our prices on the difficulty of the content, so they reflect the investment of time and effort on the part of our boosters. At the same time, we seek to keep our boosts as affordable as possible for ordinary gamers. Our prices are low and may be lowered further through regular special offers, coupons, and discounts. Newcomers can register to claim a one-time bonus;
  • Robust refund policy. If a service that has been paid for fails to take place, the buyer will get their money back. Services that fail to deliver the promised results for any reason would allow clients to claim partial refunds or alternative means of compensation.

What Buyers Will Get

Boosters will complete the specified floors in this activity on the buyer’s behalf. The specific prizes that customers can expect depend on the selected floors and on how many heroes from the current roster cleared this content before. Rewards in the initial run can include the following loot varieties:

  • Recipes for Engravings, which can be used to modify character stats and powers;
  • Creation Fragments, which go towards upgrading Cards that are the source of bonuses shared by all heroes in the same roster;
  • Potions that raise various combat stats and their related bonuses;
  • Potions that provide Skill Points, which are vital for enhancing class powers and increasing their effectiveness. They are among the most precious and important consumables in the MMORPG;
  • Chests containing gifts that can be given to certain NPCs, improving Rapport and eventually unlocking many valuable rewards;
  • Other consumables, rare collectibles, and mod packs. There is also a Skill Rune that bestows Quick Recharge, a passive bonus that has a chance to reduce all cooldowns whenever the upgraded skill is used.

Follow-up runs yield large amounts of materials:

  • Harmony Shards;
  • Harmony Leapstones;
  • Guardian Stones;
  • Destruction Stones.

All of those resources are used in the honing process that upgrades gear within the first equipment tier of the endgame. Honing raises the items’ Gear Score and increases their effectiveness. It is absolutely necessary to access more advanced activities and for further progression. As a result, follow-up clears of Shadespire Tower can still be worthwhile, although the initial run is especially rewarding. Buying boosts from Rocketboost is the fastest and most straightforward way to secure those prizes. It allows buyers to advance into higher-level content without any frustrations or delays.

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