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Lost Ark Gear Score Boost

Buy Lost Ark Gear Score on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe Gear Score carry in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark Gear Score Boost

Raising Gear Score is central to Lost Ark’s character progression. While early progress revolves around increasing the hero’s combat level, equipment comes to the fore after level 50. Most endgame activities can only be accessed by characters whose total Gear Score reaches their individual requirements. Items with higher Gear Score are also more effective across the board. Acquiring superior items or upgrading one’s current gear is vital for continued advancement, but it can also be a major chore. It requires players to repeatedly run the same content, but not everyone has the free playtime or patience needed for that.

Buy the Lost Ark Gear Score Boost from Rocketboost to reach the desired equipment level smoothly and without any unwanted effort. Our boosters will farm higher-level items and upgrade materials using optimal methods to ensure efficient progress. Buyers would not have to wait long before the endgame is wide open for them!

How Our Gear Score Boosting Service Works

To purchase Lost Ark Gear Score boosting services from Rocketboost, proceed as follows:

  • Make sure the hero to be boosted meets requirements. If not, a different service can be arranged to help;
  • Choose the target Gear Score that should be reached during the boost, then add this service to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout;
  • Provide contact details and preferences;
  • Pay for the boost through any of the payment methods listed on the checkout page;
  • Wait until our support team makes contact, then arrange the boosting schedule and discuss any special requests;
  • Allow our booster to play from the client account during scheduled intervals and wait until the service is concluded. Optionally, follow the progress through regular updates and/or streaming (available upon request);
  • Leave feedback to help us improve our Lost Ark boosting services.

Looking for loot from a specific source? We offer a variety of Lost Ark services to suit our customers’ needs. Our boosters can farm Chaos and Abyss Dungeons or any of the latest Raids for their exclusive prizes. Alternatively, they can provide dependable backup on our clients’ own runs through those instances in selfplay boosts. We can also clear Tower solo challenges for their precious character strengthening consumables or upgrade materials (after the first run). All our services are aimed at helping players experience this unique MMORPG without the tedious parts that drag it down. We can take care of the grinding, freeing our customers to enjoy the varied class abilities and spectacular combat.

Why Buy a Gear Score Boost?

In Lost Ark, having the right gear goes a long way. The game includes a variety of weapons and armor pieces that define what a character can do in combat, both by raising their stats and by providing additional effects. Players must always be on the lookout for superior equipment, but it becomes especially important after reaching combat level 50. Leveling up further becomes prohibitively difficult, so further progression is item-driven. Heroes must have a sufficiently high Gear Score to engage in any endgame activities. Although this score does not affect the stats directly, items that are scored higher invariably have higher stats and other advantages.

Players can improve their equipment in two ways. One involves simply acquiring superior items from various in-game sources. In the endgame, that means farming a variety of increasingly challenging instances. The second way is to upgrade or “hone” existing items. However, that too requires players to venture into instances in order to collect honing materials. Some other activities can yield them as well. Different equipment tiers have their own materials. As a result, players have no choice but to repeatedly run several instances until they can move on to a higher tier, at which point the grind will start again at a higher difficulty.

This approach is not unusual for ARPGs of the sort that Lost Ark is inspired by, but it can be very demanding and off-putting. For many players, the gearing is the most unpleasant part of the game, as it is monotonous and keeps them away from the parts of the game they most enjoy. Lost Ark Gear Score boosting offers a way out. By entrusting gear farming to boosters, clients can both save themselves some time and progress faster. Playing full-time enables boosters to make much quicker progress through repeatable content. True professionals can progress even quicker thanks to their knowledge of optimal farming sequences and tactics. Buyers can relax and wait until they get the score they want.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Gear Score boosting is done using account sharing. In other words, boosters play from customer accounts to ensure efficient gearing progress. This method can give great results, but it is also risky. Many Lost Ark players are understandably wary of trusting strangers with their accounts, especially when there are so many scammers targeting the community. Even legitimate boosting service providers can be problematic, suffering from security flaws and other issues. Rocketboost aims to provide a truly reliable, safe, and user-friendly service. Our customers will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Manual delivery. Rocketboost’s employees farm gear manually, without resorting to bots, cheats, hacks, or any other third-party assistance. That lets us minimize the risk of our clients’ accounts becoming compromised or banned. It also allows us to assure service quality;
  • Trustworthy boosters. Our Lost Ark team consists of experienced professional Lost Ark players. All of them undergo rigorous testing and background checks. We can vouch for their honesty and competence. At the same time, we are always listening to client feedback, and are prepared to intervene if there are any conflicts between clients and boosters;
  • Specialized boosting. We have different kinds of experts in our Lost Ark team and make use of their specializations to ensure the fastest and smoothest completion of each service. Gearing boosts are handled by boosters who specialize in efficiently farming items and materials. They know all the best methods, routes, and tactics for optimal progress. As a secondary consideration, we also try to assign players based on their proficiency with client classes, further assuring an efficient delivery;
  • Modular service. It is our goal to satisfy our clients’ needs as precisely as possible. Buyers can choose the exact Gear Score they want. If they only want a smaller boost, they can save both time and money by setting a lower target. Customers can also make special requests, such as acquiring items from specific sets during the boost. Our support staff will hear out those requests and come up with the best way to satisfy the customers’ needs;
  • 24/7 support. Customers can write to our support team at any time and expect a prompt response. Support specialists are prepared to answer questions regarding ongoing services or provide detailed consultations regarding any carries in Rocketboost’s Lost Ark catalog. The team may be contacted over several channels, including the live chat on this website, Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp;
  • Thorough safety. All data on our website is protected with up-to-date SSL encryption. Boosters are instructed to use VPNs set to client locations during boosts and to avoid suspicious communications with other players in-game. When purchasing a piloted boost, the buyer only needs to share their log-in details. Only the booster playing from their account will have access to this information;
  • Reasonable prices. Rocketboost’s pricing policy leaves services affordable for the average gamer while maintaining service quality. Prices reflect the investment of playtime and effort on the part of our boosters. Changes in the content’s difficulty due to updates can result in costs changing as well. Customers can save money by making use of frequent special deals on our website. By registering, new users become eligible for a first-purchase bonus and numerous coupons that make our prices more competitive still;
  • Guaranteed refunds. If a customer paid for the boost only for it to fail to begin, they will get their money back. Major issues after the boost’s start would allow the buyer to claim a partial refund or some form of alternative compensation to be worked out with the staff.

What Buyers Will Get

After purchasing a Lost Ark Gear Score Boost from Rocketboost, the buyer will receive a piloted service. Our booster will play from their account, acquiring and upgrading items to reach the target score. They will follow the most efficient path towards that goal while also accommodating any special requests. By the end of the service, the customer will have a full set of equipment, raising them to the desired Gear Score. That would enable them to take on any advanced content for that level of equipment without a lengthy and frustrating grind.

Perhaps the most important benefit is being able to interact with endgame content that is gated away behind Gear Score requirements, such as:

  • Specific floors in solo challenge Towers;
  • Different tiers in Chaos Dungeons;
  • Abyss Dungeons;
  • Guardian, Abyss, and Legion Raids;
  • Tiers in the roguelike dungeon called “The Cube”;
  • Higher-level World Boss battles (while encountered in the open world, those foes cannot be harmed or looted by lower-score adventurers).

Players will also keep all the rewards their heroes gained along the way, beginning with the specific items in their loadouts. Higher-scored items are guaranteed to have superior stats and may grant a number of other advantages as well, including buffs and special powers. That will make their wielders better able to engage with any kind of content in the game, from newly-unlocked instances to PvP matches. Since farming items involves visiting all kinds of content, heroes may receive a very wide range of other benefits. That would include any honing materials that did not get used up, as well as XP, consumables, gifts for NPCs, currencies, and assorted collectibles.

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