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Tarkov Leveling 1-45 Boost

Buy Tarkov Leveling 1-45 Boost on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe Leveling Tarkov carry in Escape from Tarkov

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Tarkov Leveling 1-45 Boost

Leveling up your PMC is essential to advance through Escape from Tarkov. While character levels may not grant direct mechanical advantages, they unlock many vital features. Reaching certain levels is needed to gain full access to the Flea Market and higher Trader Loyalty Levels. Quests, which allow PMCs to claim rewards including currencies and advanced items, also have character level requirements. Farming XP is seemingly simple, but reaching level 45 to unlock most of the game’s content is bound to be a slog. Buy Tarkov Leveling 1-45 Boost services from Rocketboost to progress with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. Our boosters will raise you to the desired level, freeing you to engage with the game without needless grinding!

What Will Buyers Get?

  • Target PMC level reached (45 by default);
  • Access to the Flea Market at level 15 and all Trader Loyalty Levels at level 40;
  • PMC level requirements for most quests met;
  • Any other loot obtained and progress made during the service;
  • Completion within two weeks (depending on current and target PMC levels).

How Does It Work?

  • Choose your target PMC level;
  • Add the service to the shopping cart and check out;
  • Share contact information and preferences;
  • Pay for the service using one of the methods listed on the checkout page;
  • Work out the boosting schedule and any additional requests with our support team;
  • Allow our booster to play from your account at scheduled intervals and wait for the service to be completed;
  • Write feedback to assist us in improving this and other Rocketboost Escape from Tarkov services.

Advantages of Rocketboost

  • Our team consists of expert Escape from Tarkov powerlevelers who have gone through rigorous background checks before becoming our employees;
  • We handle each boost manually and directly, without resorting to third-party services or software;
  • Client data and accounts are safeguarded using cutting-edge SSL encryption and VPN data redirection;
  • Customers can contact our support team whenever they wish and expect rapid answers;
  • Services that have been paid for but failed to occur will be refunded in full.
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  • Chosen character's level
  • A lot of quests completed
  • All loot obtained during the boost
  • Escape from Tarkov Account

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