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Vow of the Disciple Boost

Buy Vow of the Disciple Boost on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe carry in Destiny 2

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Vow of the Disciple Boost

Vow of the Disciple is the most recent addition to Destiny 2’s raid roster. As such, it contains both peerless prizes and challenging opponents. A squad of Guardians must infiltrate a Pyramid, navigating complex puzzles and overcoming tough encounters against varied foes, culminating in a showdown with the eponymous Disciple. The instance tests players’ attention and coordination like no others before it. Buy Vow of the Disciple Boost services from Rocketboost to have our team help you clear this raid without more effort than you wish to commit. Our boosters can clear the instance as many times as necessary and complete any extra objectives required to claim unique loot. They can also provide reliable backup for a selfplay run!

What Will Buyers Get?

  • Vow of the Disciple raid cleared;
  • An opportunity to claim exclusive raid loot, such as Legendary weapons and armor and an Exotic weapon;
  • Guaranteed Pinnacle drops on all weeks until the next raid is released and on rotation weeks afterwards;
  • All further rewards acquired during the clears, including Spoils of Conquest and Season Pass XP;
  • Progress towards the Disciple-Slayer Triumph Seal;
  • Quickest possible completion (within up to three days, depending on the options picked).

The unique rewards that players can get from this activity include:

  • High-stat and distinctive Legendary armor sets for all classes;
  • Lubrae’s Ruin, a Solar Glaive with great defensive potential;
  • Cataclysmic, a Linear Fusion Rifle with impressive damage output;
  • Submission, a versatile and easy-to-use SMG;
  • Deliverance, a Stasis Fusion Rifle with outstanding wave-clearing capabilities;
  • Insidious, a four-burst Arc Pulse Rifle with great perks for all modes;
  • Forbearance, a Wave Frame Energy Grenade Launcher;
  • Collective Obligation, a Void Exotic Pulse Rifle that absorbs debuffs of its elements to charge up, only to apply them again to further targets with charged attacks.

Apart from the last one, the weapons are Legendary, meaning they can drop with variable perks that strongly affect their performance. Our services help customers farm the instance for their desired weapons and rolls. In addition to collecting more drops with greater ease, we harvest the Spoils of Conquest currency that can be spent on alternative versions of previously acquired loot. There is also a chance of unlocking craftable versions of these items. The weapons in question all come with the Souldrinker Origin Trait that restores health based on the number of hits in between reloads, enhancing Guardian survivability.

Completing weekly challenges on the Master difficulty can let players claim superior Adept versions of the instance’s Legendary weaponry. This higher difficulty also offers superior versions of unique armor pieces and various upgrade materials, including ones required to transform items into Masterworks. Secret chests can be found throughout the instance to unlock extra rewards in the end. Random Pinnacle rewards that always drop from the newest raid are guaranteed to increase a character’s Power Level. Completing the Triumph Seal provides a title and cosmetics such as an Emblem, a Shader, and a Shell.

When purchasing this service, customers can choose between piloted and selfplay boosting options. In a piloted boost, our booster will control the buyer’s Guardian. Their experience and knowledge of optimal tactics will allow them to complete the run or runs with maximum speed, while the customer can simply relax. By contrast, selfplay or sherpa services allow the client to remain in control. They will embark upon the raid in the company of our boosters, who will do everything necessary to assure success. In either case, we guarantee victory and plentiful rewards. Customers can also ask our support team about additional objectives or special conditions that they may want us to meet during the run.

How Does It Work?

  • Make sure the Guardian involved in this boost meets its requirements;
  • Choose all desired options such as the difficulty, special objectives, and boost type, then add the boost to the shopping cart and check out;
  • State your contact details and preferred chat program;
  • Send the payment using any of the methods mentioned on the checkout page;
  • Wait for a member of our support team to get in touch, then work out the boosting schedule and any special requests with them;
  • If you have chosen a piloted boost, let our booster play from your account as scheduled and wait for the boost to be completed. A stream of the service can be made available upon request;
  • If you chose a selfplay or sherpa service instead, meet up with our fireteam for the raid in-game. To ensure the best possible results, follow our boosters’ guidance;
  • Leave feedback to help us improve our Destiny 2 raid boosting services.

Rocketboost offers similar boosting services for other Destiny 2 raids, allowing customers to complete their raid loot collections with minimal hassle. We can help with other parts of the game as well. For example, our powerleveling services are an efficient means of swiftly reaching the desired Power Level by acquiring superior equipment from optimal sources. We can further assist our clients in completing any seasonal or permanent PvE activities. We can also hunt down specific weapons or obtain multiple rolls. Our PvP services cover Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events, ensuring that buyers will not miss out on unique loot regardless of their gameplay preferences or available playtime.

Why Buy Vow of the Disciple Boosting Services?

Vow of the Disciple is a genuinely challenging raid, with a great variety of powerful foes and complex mechanics. Combat is fast-paced and unforgiving.  While it can be fun, it definitely requires the right mindset to enjoy. Players must find teammates, schedule a run, and work together to overcome all obstacles. It becomes even harder if they attempt a higher difficulty, go for a 100% completion run, or take on special challenges. Without reliable allies, sufficient free playtime, or the ability to focus on encounters, it is easy to miss out on the instance and its prizes altogether.

Boosting services avoid this situation by providing professional assistance. Their customers need not worry about unreliable squadmates or excessively hard encounters. In a piloted boost, professional boosters simply take care of everything and deliver the rewards. That can be a considerable power boost, since the instance contains both unique and powerful items, some of which can completely alter the combat experience. Players who are keen to play through this unique and story-rich instance themselves, but struggle to find good partners might prefer selfplay boosts. This option saves them from the hassle of arranging runs and from having to rely on unpredictable random partners, while letting them enjoy the raid in full.

Advantages of Rocketboost

While raid boosting services can be very helpful, it is important to pick the right boosting service provider. That is especially true when using a piloted boost, which involves trusting strangers with one’s game account. In the worst case scenario, the account can be compromised or lost. Unfortunately, there are many scammers who pretend to provide such services. Even legitimate companies can struggle with security or communications. Rocketboost promises a superior Vow of the Disciple raid boost service based on the following key strengths:

  • Manual boosting. Each run will be completed purely by Rocketboost’s employees. We do not use hacks, cheats, bots, or third-party services or software of any kind, allowing us to keep the risk of account bans to a minimum. This philosophy also enables us to fully assure the quality of our boosting services;
  • Trustworthy team. Every member of our Destiny 2 boosting team is an expert player. Before being added to the team, they all undergo extensive background checks and tests. Thus, we can vouch for their competence and professionalism. At the same time, we take all complaints about our players seriously, and have a dispute resolution mechanism in place to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Specialized services. To ensure the fastest, smoothest possible completion of each carry, we entrust orders to the most suitable players in our roster. Suitability is based not only on general experience, but also on specialization in different activities. That means each Vow of the Disciple boost will be handled by players who specialize in raid tactics and know this instance inside out. They can follow optimal routes and deploy proven tactics to complete each encounter and find every secret in as little time as possible;
  • Modular orders. Clients are free to tailor this service to their particular needs. We offer multiple options for the boost and can add extra objectives without negatively impacting service quality. If clients have special requests, we will do our best to accommodate them with a custom carry. Our services are equally available on all Destiny 2 platforms, whether console or PC;
  • Helpful support. Customers can reach our support team on a 24/7 basis. Our support specialists are prepared to answer questions about ongoing services or consult potential buyers about any of our boost options. Apart from the live chat on this website, customers can choose to communicate with support over Skype, Discord, or WhatsApp. One of these programs will be chosen to set up a dedicated support channel for the order after it has been arranged;
  • Thorough security. We utilize cutting-edge SSL encryption to protect our customers’ data and accounts. When ordering the boost, clients only need to provide the bare minimum of information required for it to occur. This information will not be shared with anyone other than Rocketboost employees directly involved in the service. Boosters are instructed to deploy VPNs connected to servers in client countries during boosting and to avoid chatting with other players during the service;
  • Reasonable pricing. Our prices reflect the difficulty of each boost and boosting option and the resulting investment of time and effort from our boosters. If there are changes in the content, the prices may be lowered as well. Furthermore, our prices are fully competitive and affordable for ordinary Destiny 2 players. They can be lowered with frequent special deals and discounts, including a first-time purchase bonus for users who register on this website;
  • Money back guaranteed. If the service has been paid for, but fails to occur, we will deliver a full refund to the buyer. Problems that happen after the start of the boost may result in partial refunds or alternative forms of compensation.
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