WotLK Dungeons Boost (Normal and Heroic Run): Buy Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons boosting in WoW with《RocketBoost》

WotLK Dungeons Boost

About WotLK Dungeons Boost Offers

Dungeons play an important role in World of Warcraft. Adventurers use them to level up and acquire powerful gear before taking on the endgame raids. WotLK Classic adds a total of sixteen dungeons, each of which has its own unique loot. Beating a dungeon’s challenging encounters requires teamwork and focus. Not all players can commit the necessary hours to do so once, let alone farm the instances repeatedly to collect all of their random loot. Heroic dungeons are an important part of WotLK Classic’s endgame. Each of the expansion’s sixteen dungeon instances has a Heroic variant with stronger opponents and superior loot. The items that can be acquired from this source are second only to endgame raid loot. Clearing those instances is a vital part of preparing for the final raids. However, doing so would call for flawless teamwork and tactics. Not all players are up to the task, or capable of finding the free playtime and dependable allies necessary to succeed. Buy WotLK Dungeons boosting services from Rocketboost to let professionals handle this task instead. Our boosters can complete any of those instances quickly and efficiently, as many times as necessary, to collect all the desired rewards.

What Will Buyers Get with Normal Dungeon Boosting Services?

  • Chosen dungeon cleared as many times as requested;
  • Instance-exclusive gear acquired;
  • Chance of receiving unique rewards like recipes or mounts (depending on the instance);
  • All other rewards from the run, including Gold and XP;
  • Progress towards dungeon-related achievements;
  • Rapid completion within one or two days.

What Will Buyers Get with Heroic Dungeon Boosting Services?

  • Selected Heroic dungeon completed as often as requested;
  • Unique rare and epic item level 200 gear from the chosen dungeon;
  • Depending on the dungeon, a chance to acquire exclusive recipes or mounts;
  • Chance to acquire Frozen Orbs that can be used to craft numerous high-level items;
  • All other Heroic Dungeons rewards, including Gold, reputation progress, and Emblems of Heroism;
  • Progress towards dungeon and Heroic dungeon achievements (if not already earned);
  • Rapid completion within one or two days.

How Does It Work?

  • Ensure that the adventurer used satisfies this service’s requirements and the minimal level prerequisites of the target dungeon;
  • Pick the dungeon and any other options, then place this boost in the shopping cart and check out;
  • Share contact information and communications platform preferences;
  • Send the payment using any of the methods suggested on the checkout page;
  • Negotiate the boost schedule and other details with Rocketboost’s support staff;
  • Let our booster control the chosen adventurer as scheduled and wait until the service is completed;
  • Write about the experience to help us develop our WotLK Classic boosting services.

Advantages of Rocketboost

  • Our WotLK Classic dungeon running team consists of experienced boosters who have passed through background checks and are familiar with the instances;
  • Our boosting process is wholly manual and does not involve third-party programs or services of any kind;
  • We use VPNs connecting to servers in the clients’ countries and regularly updated SSL encryption on our website to defend our customers’ privacy and accounts;
  • Customers can write to our support team at any time and expect a prompt reply;
  • If a purchased boost fails to take place, we promise that the buyer will get all their money back.
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