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Destiny 2 Raid Boost

About Destiny 2 Raids Carry Offers

Destiny 2 raids count among the most challenging and rewarding activities in the game. Each raid offers its own unique loot including top-notch weapons and distinctive armor, as well as other invaluable prizes. Claiming those rewards is never easy, however. Even attempting a raid requires assembling a fireteam with (ideally) five other players. Teamwork, skill, and optimal loadouts are needed to overcome tricky mechanics and powerful bosses. Completing weekly challenges for greater benefits adds another layer of difficulty.

Rocketboost offers real Destiny 2 raid services to help with any problems that gamers may encounter in a Destiny 2 raid. Absent or incompetent teammates, frustrating encounters and challenges, and lengthy completion times need not interfere with your enjoyment of this shooter. Our pro boosters can clear any raid with maximum efficiency, delivering rewards without any of the hassle. Alternatively, they can provide real support for clients who wish to tackle a Destiny 2 raid themselves!

How Does A Destiny 2 Raid Boost Work?

People who are looking to purchase a D2 Raid Boost from Rocketboost should follow those steps:

  • Choose the intended boost out of our Destiny 2 raid services catalog;
  • Make sure the target Guardian meets the raid boost requirements. We may be able to help Guardians prepare for the raid with other Destiny 2 services;
  • Choose all desired boosting options and add the Destiny 2 raid boost to the cart;
  • Proceed to checkout, input real contact details and preferences, and pay using any of the listed payment services;
  • Once our support team makes contact, discuss any remaining details such as the boosting schedule and additional requests;
  • In piloted services, allow our booster to play from your account at the scheduled interval and wait for the boost to be completed. We provide regular updates and optional streaming for those wishing to follow their services’ real time progress;
  • In selfplay services, join our fireteam according to the schedule and enjoy the raid. Follow our boosters’ instructions for best results;
  • Leave a review to help us improve our Destiny 2 services further!

Our Destiny 2 boost offerings are by no means limited to Destiny 2 raid services. We offer assistance with a wide range of real problems, activities, and instances. Customers can use our services to increase their Power Level quickly, advance in other progression systems, and farm any kind of content for unique loot. Collectors might be interested in our targeted Destiny 2 Weapons Boost services for acquiring specific kinds of weapons. Between Rocketboost and partners, gamers can also buy a variety of Destiny 2 PvE services covering all available PvE activities. All boosting is affordable, high-quality, and fast.

Why Buy A Destiny 2 Raid Boost?

Clearing Destiny 2 raid instances is necessary to get their exclusive rewards, including unique weapons, armor pieces, and cosmetics. It is also invaluable for any real progression, as their loot is some of the best in the shooter and can quickly increase a Guardian’s Power Level. Yet, aspiring raiders face real obstacles to success. Putting together the recommended six-player fireteam is just the start. Raids feature complex mechanics that can only be overcome with close coordination among players. Encounters require both ingenious tactics and solid loadouts to complete successfully. Furthermore, clearing a raid instance once can take hours, so farming it for specific prizes can be a real timesink.

Professional boosting allows gamers to sidestep those problems without missing out on rewards. By purchasing piloted services, customers can ensure rapid completion or efficient farming of raid instances without their participation. Paid boosters are able to concentrate on playing through raid instances as efficiently as possible, resulting in much quicker progress than what most casual players could achieve. Real pros also benefit from knowledge of the most efficient routes and tactics. Meanwhile, players who are looking for raid group members they could rely on could use selfplay boosts to experience those popular instances directly while still guaranteeing success with booster backup.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Boosting services can be extremely helpful, but finding trustworthy service providers is vitally important. That is especially true when it comes to piloted services, since they require trusting a stranger with one’s account. Sadly, there are many scammers pretending to offer Destiny raid services. Even real boosting companies often suffer from issues including security flaws, poor communications, or delays. The wrong choice can result in more problems than it solves, making many gamers hesitate before buying boosting services. We seek to provide a truly dependable solution. Rocketboost offers real, reliable, effective, and quick boost services based on the following advantages:

  • All of our boost services are handled manually by Rocketboost’s employees. That includes both piloting boosters and other members of the Fireteam. We do not rely on bots, cheats, hacks, or any third-party services that may compromise boosted accounts or cause them to become banned;
  • Our employees are real professionals who have passed through rigorous testing and background checks. We can vouch for them. At the same time, we take any complaints about their conduct very seriously and are prepared to resolve disputes between boosters and clients;
  • We have a deep bench of real talents that enables us to specialize for maximum efficiency. Our Destiny 2 raid services are assigned to specialists who know each raid instance and encounter inside out. They can utilize optimal tactics, loadouts, and routes to ensure smooth and quick boosting;
  • Customers can customize our services according to their real needs. There is no need for them to pay for unnecessary parts of raid boosts if they have more limited objectives than clearing the entire raid. Conversely, they can request the completion of special objectives, such as finding secrets or completing weekly or triumph challenges. Even if the desired options are not present on the website, our support staff will attempt to accommodate clients by arranging custom services. Our boosters can complete any reasonable raid tasks thoroughly and efficiently;
  • Gamers have equal access to our services in any server regions, whether it is the USA, EU, or anything else. We support multiple platforms, including PC, Playstation, and XBox;
  • Clients can contact Rocketboost’s customer support staff whenever they wish and expect a prompt response. The support team may be reached over our website’s live chat, Skype, Discord, or WhatsApp. Support specialists can answer questions regarding any ongoing order and provide in-depth consultations about Destiny 2 raid services and other offerings;
  • We utilize regularly updated SSL encryption to protect our customers’ accounts and private information. Customers only need to provide real details necessary for their services to occur. Those real details will never be shared with anyone other than boosters involved in those services. Real secrecy is maintained through the use of VPNs set to client locations. Boosters are instructed not to discuss suspicious topics in-game or contact clients’ friends while controlling their characters;
  • Customers will get their money back in the event of service failure. Services that fail to begin for any reason will be fully refunded. Partial refunds or other compensations are possible for services that begin but encounter other real problems.

What Buyers Will Get

As of this writing, there are five raid instances available in Destiny 2:

  • Vow of the Disciple, the latest such instance which consistently offers the best Destiny 2 rewards;
  • Vault of Glass, a real vintage Destiny raid that is free of ownership requirements;
  • Deep Stone Crypt, added in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion and still highly popular thanks to combining real environmental and combat challenges;
  • Garden of Salvation, added in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion and renowned for presenting a real challenge even now;
  • Last Wish, added in Destiny 2’s Forsaken Expansion and the oldest raid that has not been vaulted.

Additional raids are likely to be implemented in the future. Conversely, older instances may be removed. Each raid has its own unique prizes, including loot, titles, and cosmetic items. Some of those prizes could be acquired by clearing encounters normally, while others require hunting for real secrets. Notably, each raid has its own Exotic weapon, class armor sets, and Legendary weapons. The newest raid and the raid in the active weekly rotation offer Pinnacle rewards, which are guaranteed to bump up the Guardian’s real Power Level and required to reach the current Power Level cap. They can also be farmed repeatedly during the week, while other raids yield their best rewards once per week.

Our boosters can clear any of those raid instances according to player specifications. We offer both piloted services, in which boosters play our customers’ characters, and selfplay services in which they fight alongside customers. Either way, the clients will receive all rewards acquired by their Guardian during the run. That also includes general Destiny 2 resources like Glimmer and Season Pass XP. Furthermore, buyers will earn Spoils of Conquest, which they could then spend to acquire alternative rolls of Legendary weapons they already found or random raid rewards. This could allow them to acquire optimal “God Roll” weapons, as well as lesser versions they could scrap to upgrade gear they like.

Buy A Destiny 2 Raid Boost Right Now

There are many ways for customers to save real money when buying Destiny 2 raid services from Rocketboost. We try to keep our services cheap to begin with, but there are also frequent special offers that can drive their real prices down further. When any of our raid boost services are on sale, their discount can also apply to their extra options. Customers can gain access to further bonuses by registering on our website. When they register, they will immediately become eligible for a discount on their first real purchase. After that, they will start receiving coupons and other bonuses through their account, enabling further savings.

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