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Escape from Tarkov

About EFT Carry Offers

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is a popular multiplayer shooter set in a fictional modern Russian region and featuring a heavy emphasis on scavenging and tactics. Its brutally realistic gunplay and challenging survival mechanics have made it a favorite among hardcore PC gamers. However, those same qualities can make it frustrating and inaccessible to players with less experience or free playtime. Progression relies heavily on farming for items, which can be lost on death. Furthermore, the game is still in beta and subject to regular wipes that reset everything, throwing off many other potential fans.

Rocketboost’s EFT boosts exist to help gamers overcome those problems and experience all that this remarkable shooter has to offer. Our boosters can complete any difficult in-game task, from leveling and gearing to farming specific content. Customers could relax and wait for piloted boosts to be completed, or pay boosters to fight alongside them in selfplay boosts.

What Can Buyers Get With EFT Boosts?

At present, customers can buy the following Escape from Tarkov boost services:

  • EFT leveling boosts for accelerated PMC (main character) level progression;
  • EFT Flea Market unlock boosts, granting quick access to the principal player marketplace;
  • EFT skill boosts, improving character performance in various ways, from increased health to better sniping;
  • EFT Trader boosts, increasing Loyalty Levels of crucial NPCs to unlock more quests and purchase options with them;
  • EFT Raid boosts that feature focused loot or quest runs through any EFT maps;
  • EFT Boss Kill boosts for taking down the shooter’s deadliest antagonists and claiming unique prizes.

Naturally, customers will also receive all additional rewards earned during boosts. That can include a variety of weapons and other useful items, valuable loot, or experience for different skills. Any of those boosts could greatly help players progress in EFT by removing more tedious activities and expanding the range of options available to them.

Being still in development, EFT is guaranteed to receive more content in the months and years to come. The needs of its playerbase are likewise evolving. Accordingly, we are likely to implement additional boosting services to cover new or newly in-demand boost options. In the meantime, customers who cannot find the EFT carry options they are looking for in our catalog are encouraged to speak with our support staff. We may be able to arrange custom boosts outside this list. Some possibilities include hideout upgrade boosts, quest completion services, and farming valuable items such as keycards or collectibles.

EFT boosts can be done in piloted or selfplay modes. Piloted boosts involve paid boosters playing on customer accounts to complete specific tasks. By playing the shooter full-time and drawing on optimal tactics and routes, boosters could take care of its numerous grinds much more efficiently than most players. Selfplay boosts allow customers to retain control over their accounts and characters while providing them with professional in-game backup while they go about their tasks. While inefficient for farming, it can be great for those wishing to take down bosses or simply pass the time in Tarkov with reliable teammates.

Rocketboost offers an array of helpful boosts for other multiplayer titles too. Our boosters can carry out rapid powerleveling or gearing services in classic MMORPGs and shooters alike. They also present an ideal choice for swiftly unlocking locked content, giving players access to each title’s full suite of gameplay options. Players with limited time or patience for tedium can rely on our boosters to farm repetitive content, collecting its prizes with the utmost efficiency. We can help players climb ranked ladders in games with competitive multiplayer, enabling them to participate at their preferred level of difficulty without boring low-level matches.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Escape from Tarkov boost services can save players hours of effort and allow them to enjoy the game more fully. However, that depends on finding high-quality service providers. Not all self-proclaimed boosters are honest, and even those who are can suffer from problems like flawed security or slow delivery times. Piloted boosts in particular require a great deal of trust, as their users risk losing their EFT accounts if they trust the wrong person. Rocketboost seeks to provide a superior Escape from Tarkov boosting service based on the following strengths:

  • Human boosting. All EFT boosts we offer are handled directly by Rocketboost employees. We never deploy bots, cheats, hacks, or third-party services that may cause boosted accounts to become compromised or banned. This approach also allows us to control our service quality more closely;
  • Trustworthy team. Boosters undergo thorough vetting before being added to Rocketboost’s EFT team. We seek pro players with great skills and flawless ethics. To further assure honest and high-quality services, internal processes have been implemented to resolve disputes between buyers and boosters;
  • Qualified services. Our boosters have extensive EFT experience. It grants them great advantages, including intimate map knowledge and finely-honed shooting skills. Additionally, they are assigned to boosts based on their specialization. Running high-level raids and powerleveling relies on somewhat different skillsets. Accordingly, we always seek the most suitable players for every order. We also attempt to match boosters with client character builds whenever feasible. Thanks to our deep bench of boosters, each of Rocketboost’s EFT services is as swift and trouble-free as possible;
  • Flexible service model. We are prepared to accommodate varied customer needs. Buyers can customize boosts using available options or through special requests with the staff. If their requests are feasible for our boosters, we will do our best to satisfy them. To that end, we prioritize versatility in our service model. Between them, our boosters can complete a wide variety of EFT boosts under most conditions. Rocketboost’s services are available in all geographic regions and countries, including the USA;
  • 24/7 customer service. Clients can contact our support team at any time and expect a prompt response. Support specialists can answer questions about ongoing boosts or consult potential buyers regarding any of our EFT services. We utilize multiple communications channels, including website live chat, Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp;
  • Thorough security. Customer data on Rocketboost’s website is safeguarded using up-to-date SSL encryption. When buying piloted boosts, customers only need to provide the minimal account details needed for their services to take place. This information is shared solely with boosters involved in those orders. EFT boosting is done with utmost secrecy, with boosters using VPNs set to client countries and refraining from mentioning boosting or contacting customers’ friends in-game;
  • Guaranteed refunds. Customers are entitled to compensation if they do not get the services they were promised after purchasing our boosts. Full refunds are given to buyers if paid-for boosts fail to begin. In case of legitimate problems after the start, they may receive partial refunds or alternative forms of compensation to be negotiated with our staff.

How Do EFT Boosting Services Work?

Visitors seeking to arrange an Escape from Tarkov carry with Rocketboost should follow these instructions:

  • Choose the desired service from our EFT boost catalog;
  • Make sure your account meets the boosting requirements. Otherwise, we may be able to suggest alternative EFT boosts to help prepare for the boost you intended;
  • Select the desired boosting options and add the service to the shopping cart;
  • In checkout, share contact information and preferences, and pay for the service using any of our suggested payment methods;
  • Once our support team gets in touch, work out the boosting schedule and other relevant details like additional requests;
  • For piloted boosts: allow our booster to play from your account according to the previously discussed schedule and wait for the service to be completed. You could follow its progress using regular status updates and/or optional streaming;
  • For selfplay boosts: show up in-game on time and join our team. Follow our boosters’ instructions to ensure the best outcome;
  • Leave a review to help us improve our EFT boosts and other services!

Buy Escape from Tarkov Boosting Services Right Now

Rocketboost’s EFT boosts have some of the most competitive prices on the market. We seek to keep our services cheap enough for ordinary gamers to afford them, while still giving adequate compensation to our boosters for their effort. Customers can drive their costs down further by making use of numerous money-saving opportunities. Time-limited discounts are frequently available. Newcomers who register are granted a one-time discount for their first purchase in any category. Once they are registered, users can receive bonuses and coupons along with information about upcoming sale events. Buy EFT boosts from Rocketboost to enter the game on your terms or recover from a wipe quickly and at low cost!

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