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Call of Duty

What Call of Duty Games Are Available for Boosting?

The Call of Duty series counts among the most popular video game franchises in history. First-person shooters under the Call of Duty name are distinguished by their combination of real-life weapons and settings with exciting, fast-paced combat. However, getting the best experience out of the latest installments may require an initial investment. Many tasks, from improving performance stats to unlocking upgrades, call for considerable grinding. That is why many players seek out Call of Duty boosting services to help them achieve those goals without unwanted effort.

At Rocketboost, we offer boosting services for the following Call of Duty titles:

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard, the latest installment set in WW2;
  • Call of Duty: Warzone, MW’s Battle Royale offshoot;
  • Call of Duty: Cold War, the newest Black Ops title set in the 1980s;
  • Сall of Duty: Modern Warfare, a reboot for the tactics-focused MW subseries.

Our CoD boosters can get the tedious grind out of the way quickly, freeing the customers to enjoy those titles fully!

What Can Buyers Get With CoD Boosting Services?

Modern Call of Duty games include multiple progression mechanics that allow players to permanently improve their accounts between matches. One of the main types of progression involves completing challenges to unlock cosmetic rewards, which can then be deployed in future matches for variety and prestige. Weapons can be leveled up during play, unlocking further cosmetics and mechanically useful attachments. Profiles have several leveling systems as well, enabling players to claim prestigious rewards. Completing those tasks can cost a lot of playtime and effort. CoD boosting offers a way around those requirements by enlisting professional assistance.

Boosting in CoD is normally done using account-sharing. That means our CoD booster would play on your account to complete the requested task. In addition to releasing customers from the obligation to grind and its frustrations, professional boosters can make much faster progress with any task. That is partly because they would be playing full-time, avoiding the distractions that would delay most gamers. They can also rely on their tactical knowhow and overall experience to advance more efficiently towards their goal. As a result of such services, customers can save their energy and free time while ensuring that they would not miss out on anything they want to see in their favorite Call of Duty titles.

Rocketboost currently offers the following types of CoD boosting services:

  • Camo unlock services for Modern Warfare, Cold War (both Multiplayer and Zombies modes), or Vanguard. Unlocking camos, or alternative appearance options, for weapons requires completing combat challenges. Those challenges are one of the biggest grinds in modern Call of Duty titles. The most prestigious and visually impressive camos also require unlocking all more common camos for all weapons. Attempting to do so can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, but our boosters can handle it with maximum efficiency;
  • Call of Duty profile leveling services. Player profiles in Warzone and the latest Call of Duty title (currently Vanguard) have an integrated progression that starts with Military Ranks. Progressing through the Military Ranks unlocks all basic weapons, making it necessary to be fully competitive in multiplayer. Reaching the highest Military Rank also unlocks the seasonal Prestige Rank progression. Our boosters can complete this task quickly, allowing buyers to start playing with all options unlocked straight away;
  • Prestige leveling services. The Prestige Rank system allows players who have fully leveled up their profiles to unlock more goodies in each season. Rewards for doing so include special emblems, further cosmetics, and access to seasonal challenges. It can also help progress through the latest Battle Pass and unlock its prizes. Since the rewards are seasonal, players may fail to collect all the rewards before the season ends. With our help, customers need not miss out on any limited-time opportunities;
  • Win or Kill statistics boost services in Warzone. Win and K/D ratings can be made visible to other players. Naturally, players with higher ratings are taken more seriously and more likely to be trusted by their teammates. However, those stats can be ruined by a streak of bad luck without necessarily reflecting player skill. Raising them back again requires determined effort over time that not everyone has. It also calls for more cautious tactics, which not all players enjoy. Our boosters can raise customer stats to the desired number at top speed, letting them enjoy the Battle Royale without any stigma from poor ratings.

To sum up, CoD boosting enables players to have fun in Call of Duty without spending time on long grinds or worrying about playing suboptimally for the sake of progression. The specific objectives of the services are not the only benefits buyers would get. They will also receive all rewards unlocked during the services. That can include Profile and Weapon XP, progress towards the completion of other challenges, and improvements in other performance stats. Some potential gains can also grant mechanical advantages in the form of unlocked weapons or attachments. All of those advantages can greatly enrich the customers’ Call of Duty experience while saving them from further grinds.

Our CoD boosting offerings are not limited to the above list. Additional services may be added later, as we evaluate the existing demand and our CoD boosting team’s ability to meet it. In the meantime, potential buyers are welcome to contact our staff and request custom boost options or fully customized services. Some possibilities include reticle unlock services, weapon leveling services, coaching services, and boosting services aimed at unlocking or leveling up Operators. We will do our best to accommodate such requests if it is deemed feasible by our experts. It should be noted that all unlocks and forms of progress in modern CoD titles are shared with Warzone, increasing their value further.

In addition to our Call of Duty boosting services, Rocketboost offers similar services for many other popular multiplayer titles. Buyers can get help with leveling up characters, acquiring superior gear, or accessing any parts of game content that start out locked. Additionally, we can farm in-game activities and instances repeatedly to collect all their rewards, relieving players from the monotony of repeatedly playing the same content. In games with competitive PvP elements, our boosters enable clients to rank up quickly and play at their preferred level of challenge. We also provide coaching services for those keen on improving their own player skills.

Advantages of Rocketboost

Booster CoD services may not be difficult to find online, but prospective buyers should be careful to pick the right one for their needs. Professional assistance in this area involves boosting on Call of Duty accounts of clients, creating risks if the boosters are not worthy of the customers’ trust. Sometimes that can mean wasted time and money, while in other situations it may even lead to accounts getting banned or identities becoming compromised. Unfortunately, there are many scammers in the Call of Duty boosting scene, and even legitimate companies may have flawed security or other problems. The clients of Rocketboost’s CoD boosting services can count on the following assurances:

  • Each service on our website is done manually by our employees. We never rely on bots, cheats, hacks, or third-party services of any kind in our boosting. As a result, we can both assure quality and minimize the risks of customer accounts being compromised or banned;
  • Rocketboost’s boosting Call of Duty team consists of fully vetted gaming professionals. We can vouch for their ability and trustworthiness. At the same time, we take any complaints against them very seriously. Our company has a dispute resolution mechanism in place to ensure that customers receive the service they have paid for and are treated with respect;
  • A deep bench of talents is available to answer our customers’ every need. In addition to their extensive general boosting CoD experience, we pay attention to specializations when hiring new boosters. That can mean focusing on a particular Call of Duty title, since they have subtly different gameplay that requires different strengths to truly master. Additionally, some of our players can excel with specific types of content or weapons. Whether our clients need to unlock reticles for sniper rifles or claim Zombies mode camos for their shotguns, our specialized boosters will get the job done quickly and painlessly;
  • We will try to meet our customers’ specific needs and requests. Our services are modular by design, making it easy for buyers to select the specific ranks or camos they need help with and avoid overpaying for unwanted help. Even if the desired options are not presented on the page, our staff can arrange custom options or boosts wherever possible. We also support all available Call of Duty gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and XBox;
  • Our customer service is always around and ready to answer questions. In addition to providing information about ongoing services, Rocketboost’s support specialists can provide in-depth consultations regarding CoD service in our catalog. Customers may reach the support team using the live chat on our website, Skype, Discord, or WhatsApp;
  • Client accounts and identities are safe with us thanks to the use of security best practices and cutting-edge technology. Our website uses regularly updated SSL encryption to safeguard data. When ordering boost, customers only need to provide the minimal details necessary for their services to take place. Those details will only be shared with the boosters involved in their respective orders. Boosters use VPNs set to client locations and avoid mentioning boosting or speaking with clients’ friends during play;
  • We will do everything possible to complete each boost as promised. However, we believe customers are entitled to compensation in case something goes wrong. If a boost fails to begin for any reason after payment has been sent, we will return the sum in full. In case of legitimate problems after a service has started, boosters would be eligible for partial refunds or other forms of compensation.

How Do CoD Boosting Services Work?

Customers seeking to purchase a Call of Duty boost from Rocketboost should follow these instructions:

  • Choose the service from the Call of Duty catalog on our website;
  • Check whether your account meets the service requirements. If not, our support team can explain what you will have to do to prepare and suggest other boosts if needed;
  • Pick the intended boost options and add the service to the cart;
  • Proceed to check out and share your contact details and preferences;
  • Pay for the boost using any of the listed payment methods on the checkout page;
  • Wait for the support team to get in touch. Then, discuss the boosting schedule and other details such as special requests;
  • Permit our booster to play on your account as scheduled and wait for the service to be completed. We will send regular progress reports. Optionally, you can request streaming as well to see your money at work;
  • Write a review to help us improve our boosting services further!

Buy CoD Boosting Right Now

Rocketboost’s CoD boosting offerings have competitive prices that reflect the difficulty of the in-game tasks we complete and the time investment that requires. Customers have multiple ways to lower those prices further and save money while getting ahead in the supported CoD titles. Newcomers can register on the site to receive a major one-time discount for their first purchase. Doing so will also allow them to receive coupons and special offers. We frequently present limited-time discounts for the most popular among our boosts. By using those opportunities, you can make sure to get everything you want out of CoD games at a cheap cost and without any unwanted effort or delays.

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