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About Destiny 2 Carry Offers

Since its 2017 launch, Destiny 2 became one of the most popular multiplayer titles in the world. Players are attracted by its unparalleled sci-fi fantasy setting, varied activities and modes, and numerous spectacular weapons and powers. Its popularity is sustained by a seasonal content model that keeps introducing new activities, instances, items, and mechanics. Many would say that the shooter has really hit its stride in the Witch Queen expansion, making this a great time to buy it and jump in. However, newcomers and veterans alike may struggle with the grinding that is required in order to catch up with the latest content.

Buy Destiny 2 boost services from Rocketboost to enjoy this great game at your own pace, without putting in more effort than you want. Our boosters can farm activities, collect items, and complete other tasks to let you sidestep tedious grinds and focus on the content you like most. With their expertise and dedication on your side, you can truly get the most out of your Destiny 2 experience!

Why Buy Destiny 2 Carry Services?

Many Destiny 2 fans rely on paid carries for help with different aspects of the game. The most common problem is that grinding is necessary to progress. Destiny 2 has an unusual leveling system in which the character level depends on the Power Levels of their equipped weapons and armor pieces. Power Levels determine how effective those items are at inflicting or preventing damage. Many activities also have Power Level requirements. There are two ways to improve one’s loadout, and that is to acquire better items or upgrade existing ones. Both tasks require extensive farming of difficult content for items or upgrade materials, which can easily turn tedious.

There are other issues that combine to make grinding ubiquitous in Destiny 2. In addition to Power Levels, weapons and armor pieces also have different stats and unique traits. Many items, notably those of Legendary rarity, can drop with different combinations of base stats and perks that drastically alter their performance. It is not just a matter of them having higher or lower numbers. Some are simply much more suited to a player’s individual playstyle. However, getting the right weapon is likely to require a lot of effort. Many of the most desirable items only come from specific activities. Even if one enjoys those activities, running them repeatedly to get a single drop can get old quickly.

Acquiring items to raise Power Levels or collect optimal “God Rolls” are repetitive, yet important tasks for full enjoyment of the shooter. Other such pursuits include collecting currencies and materials that could be spent to buy items in-game, or hunting down rare cosmetics or title achievements. Players can buy Destiny 2 boosting services to help with those and other objectives. They are usually best accomplished with the piloted approach, in which a booster plays from the client account. By concentrating on gameplay and drawing on their Destiny 2 expertise, boosters can progress through the grind much faster. Once it is done, buyers will be free to use the prizes as they see fit.

There is another frequent issue that inspires players to buy Destiny 2 boost services. Even if they want to interact with the content directly, many high-level activities require capable and well-coordinated teams. Not everyone can round up a full fireteam whenever they have time and inclination to run raids or try elite PvP. Random partners are unpredictable and may cause a gaming evening to go entirely awry. Fortunately, people can buy selfplay services, in which they remain in control but are accompanied by an experienced helper or an entire squad of hardened professionals. That way, they can enjoy the content while avoiding frustrations and ensuring that they will get full rewards.

What Can Buyers Get With A Destiny 2 Boost?

We offer boost services that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Here are just some of the carries clients could buy from Rocketboost’s expanding Destiny 2 boost service catalog:

  • Powerleveling boost services that customers could buy to reach the desired Power Level with maximum efficiency;
  • Other Destiny 2 PvE Boost services covering the latest seasonal activities and high-end PvE pursuits such as Master and Legend Lost Sectors;
  • Destiny 2 Season Pass boost services for rapid retrieval of all Free and Premium track rewards (clients must buy the Season Pass to receive Premium rewards);
  • Boost services covering all currently available Destiny 2 raids and its most popular dungeon;
  • Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner boost services that enable clients to get the most out of those limited-time elite PvP modes;
  • Destiny 2 Weapons Boost services that clients could buy to help them collect specific types of weapons.

Naturally, customers will receive all other rewards earned by their Guardians during the Destiny 2 carry service they buy. That can include currencies, upgrade materials, additional loot, Season Pass, triumph, or challenge progress, and more. We allow players to buy either piloted and selfplay service options wherever having the choice makes sense. That means high-end content as opposed to simple, monotonous grinds that are best handled through a piloted boost. Customers can buy multiple clears of the same content to increase their chances of getting the desired rewards.

Destiny 2 is always growing, with each season bringing new activities, additional items, and higher Power Level caps. Also, there are many more in-game goals that players could pursue. We fully expect to put up further Destiny 2 carries for sale in the future. In the meantime, potential customers who cannot find the boost they want to buy are encouraged to contact our support staff. Their feedback will let us know what other services the game’s fanbase may wish to buy. If we already have the capability to satisfy a customer’s individual needs, it may be possible for them to buy a custom boost. Trusted older companies may also help with less popular services like the Glory Rank Destiny 2 boost.

How Do D2 Boosting Services Work?

People wishing to buy D2 carry services from Rocketboost should follow those steps:

  • Choose the desired boost in Destiny 2 section of our website;
  • Check whether the Guardian(s) who would benefit from the boost meet its requirements. If not, some of our other Destiny 2 boot services may help you prepare;
  • Select the desired options and add the service to the cart, then proceed to checkout to buy it;
  • Provide your contact details and preferences. We will use the chosen chat program as a dedicated channel for communications and updates regarding the boost;
  • Pay for the service using any of the suggested payment methods;
  • Our support staff should get in touch shortly after you buy the boost. Work out the boost schedule and other details like special requests (if any);
  • If you buy a piloted boost, let our booster log in as your adventurer during the scheduled intervals and wait until the service is completed. You can follow the progress using our regular updates and/or optional streaming;
  • If you buy a selfplay boost, join our boosters in-game at the prearranged time and start the specified activity. For best results, make sure to follow our boosters’ guidance;
  • Leave a review to help us improve our Destiny 2 boost services.

Advantages of Rocketboost

While often helpful, boosting can also be dangerous in case one trusts the wrong Destiny 2 paid services provider. There are many scammers offering phony “pay to win” schemes. Even legitimate boost companies may suffer from security flaws, patchy communications, frequent delays or other issues. Customers risk wasting their time and money or even losing their accounts. Many of the boosting services Destiny 2 players use require access to accounts, enhancing the latter concern. At Rocketboost, we want to deliver effective and cheap carries that our clients can rely on. We can make the following promises to that end:

  • Every boost Destiny 2 players order shall be done manually by our employees. We avoid using bots, cheats, hacks, and third-party services. As a result, we can control the quality of each boost and keep the risks of customer accounts being compromised or banned to an absolute minimum;
  • Boosters go through rigorous testing and background checks before being added to our team. We vouch for their competence, professionalism, and trustworthiness. For that reason, we also take any complaints about our employees seriously. A dispute resolution mechanism will be used in case of conflicts between buyers and boosters;
  • We always assign the best player we have to each boost. That means not only the most skilled Destiny 2 booster available, but also one with the skillset that best suits the task. For example, raid runs are best entrusted to players who regularly clear out the instances in question, while Trials of Osiris should be handled by PvP experts with knowledge of the latest PvP meta. This approach ensures the best carries possible by avoiding the complications encountered by less experienced players. Thanks to our deep bench of boosting talents, we can ensure that all carries are completed swiftly and smoothly;
  • Customers are free to tailor Destiny 2 boost services to suit their needs and preferences. We offer options to let them customize each boost. They could choose piloted or selfplay carry methods, cheaper partial boosts, and special objectives. If those options prove insufficient, our staff can help arrange a custom boost. We will attempt to accommodate all feasible requests;
  • Rocketboost’s services are available to all players worldwide. We support all Destiny 2 platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox, and can promise the same level of quality with boost services in all of them;
  • Our customer service team is ready to assist clients with the services they buy at all times. Support specialists can answer questions regarding ongoing boosts or provide in-depth consultations about any other Destiny 2 boost offerings that clients may wish to buy. They may be reached over the website live chat normally. After they buy a boost, customers can choose Skype, Discord, or WhatsApp as a dedicated communications channel;
  • Customer account details, identities, and other private data are safeguarded using cutting-edge technical measures and proven security best practices. Our site is protected with regularly updated SSL encryption. A buyer would only need to provide the bare minimum of details needed for their service to take place when they buy it. This information would only be shared with Rocketboost employees working on their boost. Each boost is conducted in secret with a VPN set to the client’s location. Boosters are instructed to avoid mentioning boosting or speaking to other players during the boost;
  • If a boost fails to take place completely, customers will get the money they spent to buy it back. Even after the service starts, customers can receive a partial refund or alternative compensation if something goes wrong.

Buy A Destiny 2 Boost Right Now

We offer fans of Destiny 2 cheap boosting services with plenty of opportunities for further savings. Customers can benefit from bundle deals that let them buy related boost services at a bulk discount. There are also frequent time-limited special deals for all kinds of popular services. After registering, each customer gets a major discount on the first boost they buy, whether it is for Destiny 2 or anything else. They would also start to receive additional special offers, bonuses, and coupons. Buy a Destiny 2 boost now to make sure that the services you will buy in future seasons would be cheaper still!

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