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Ketchcrash Activity Farm

Buy Ketchcrash Activity Farm on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe carry in Destiny 2

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Ketchcrash Activity Farm

Ketchcrash is a Season of Plunder activity in Destiny 2. Completing it is necessary to acquire Map Fragments, which are combined with Treasure Coordinates from other activities to create Treasure Maps and seek out extra rewards in Expeditions. Players who take part in Ketchcrash also receive seasonal gear, materials, and more. The activity takes the form of a fast-paced spaceship boarding action, but while many people find it exciting, needing to farm it repeatedly for maximum rewards threatens to turn it into a choir. To avoid that, buy Ketchcrash Activity Farm services from Rocketboost. Our boosters can complete this activity as often as necessary to deliver the desired prizes or serve as sherpas for those wishing to do it themselves.

What Will Buyers Get?

  • The requested number of normal mode Ketchcrash runs;
  • Map Fragments;
  • Powerful rewards for three runs in a week;
  • All other rewards acquired during the boost, including random seasonal weapons, Ketchcrash armor pieces, upgrade materials, XP, and Glimmer;
  • Swift delivery (usually within one day; exact ETA depends on the number of runs ordered).

How Does It Work?

  • Ensure that your account and Guardian meets this boost’s requirements;
  • Choose the intended number of runs and any other options, then add this service to the shopping cart and check out;
  • Share contact information and chat platform preferences;
  • Pay for the service using any of our suggested payment methods;
  • Once our support staff gets in touch, discuss the boosting schedule and any additional requests;
  • In a recovery service, allow our booster to control your Guardian during the scheduled intervals;
  • In a sherpa service, join our fireteam as instructed by the staff;
  • Leave a review to assist us in refining our Destiny 2 farming services.

Advantages of Rocketboost

  • Our Ketchcrash boosting team consists of verified Destiny 2 boosting experts who have mastered the activity and its optimal tactics;
  • Each Ketchcrash run is finished manually, without using third-party programs or services;
  • Our clients’ private information is protected through up-to-date SSL encryption on our website and VPNs deployed during the boosting process;
  • Clients may reach out to our support team whenever they want and expect quick answers to their questions;
  • We guarantee full refunds to customers whose services were paid for but did not start.
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