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WotLK Classic The Eye of Eternity Boost

Buy WoW WotLK Classic The Eye of Eternity Boost on RocketBoost from professional gamers and you will get all precautions to ensure a safe carry in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 

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WotLK Classic The Eye of Eternity Boost

The Eye of Eternity is a particularly difficult WotLK Classic raid instance. It only features one encounter, but the draconic boss at its center is among the deadliest foes that heroes would face in this expansion. Clever tactics and solid teamwork are required to overcome this encounter’s elaborate, deadly mechanics. Winners can claim exceptional rewards, including lethal gear for all classes and flashy flying mounts. Buy WotLK Classic The Eye of Eternity Boost services from Rocketboost to take on this encounter with professional help. Our raid experts can complete it efficiently and assuredly, letting our clients enjoy the spoils without too much hassle. They can also assist in a selfplay run.

What Will Buyers Get?

  • The Eye of Eternity completed in 10-player or 25-player mode within a week;
  • Random gear specific to this instance, with 213 or 226 item levels;
  • Chance to claim flying mounts from Alexstrasza’s Gift;
  • Emblems of Valor;
  • Related achievements obtained;
  • All further rewards from the run, such as Gold.

How Does It Work?

  • Make sure the adventurer picked for this carry fulfills our conditions;
  • Select the mode and any other wanted options, then put the service in the cart and confirm the purchase in checkout;
  • Let us know how to contact you and what chat program to use for boost-related communications;
  • Pay for this carry using any of the methods suggested on the checkout page;
  • Work out a convenient schedule and further details with Rocketboost support staff;
  • If this is an account-sharing boost, allow our player to control the hero as scheduled;
  • If this is a selfplay service, follow our instructions to join the party in-game;
  • Once this service is completed, leave feedback to help us develop our WotLK Classic raiding services.

Advantages of Rocketboost

  • Our boosters are experienced and thoroughly vetted professionals who know the optimal tactics for success in this encounter;
  • The run will be done by hand, without requiring the help of third-party programs or services;
  • All client data on our website is protected with up-to-date SSL encryption, while privacy is assured thanks to the use of VPNs during raids;
  • Customers can speak to our support team any time and expect swift answers to all their queries;
  • If a carry has been paid for, but fails to occur, we will return the full sum.
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